Sunday, August 9, 2009

Network News or Views?


One thing I had a hard time getting my head around during the election was why the Today Show canonized Obama. There was never a hint of objection or a question about his plans or policies. I used to love Katie Couric on that show, but after her wicked and inexcusable attack on Sarah Palin, I’ve never watched her again. Pure evil! Why? And who paid for Obama’s hour-long infomercial on healthcare on ABC? Bill O’Reilly and others on Fox News seemed to be impartial. I truly felt like most of them reported facts to let us decide what they meant.


Well, after doing a little digging on my own (which I hope you are all doing, too), I learned some very interesting facts.

NBC and the Today Show are owned and operated by General Electric. GE made massive contributions to Obama’s campaign, and, in turn, stands to multiply their money if Cap and Trade passes. They are not neutral. They are so in bed with the current administration that it is impossible to tell where GE ends and Obama begins.

This administration keeps telling us that they have our personal interest in mind. Don’t buy it. They have deep pockets and long-range control in mind.

Don’t give up network TV, just make sure all of your information comes from a variety of sources. They report. You decide.

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