Sunday, August 16, 2009

Transparency? Where?


There are many articles and much Internet discussion about the distain for Fox News and conservative talk radio by the governing liberals. Why do the liberals cry, “foul,” and try to shut up the conservatives, when there are far more liberal television stations and news organization that will not give conservatives or Republicans the time of day?


ABC aired one entire hour of ‘ObamaCare’ propaganda. Lauer of THE TODAY SHOW was kind and jovial with White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and rude to Michelle Malkin, as he cut the noted conservative author off and didn’t even thank her for appearing! Couric was beyond rude to Governor Palin during the campaign. Yes, Palin could have answered better, but she was brand spanking new and no more qualified at that point than was some community organizer who had helped his wife make money by raping the poor with the Chicago Health Initiative and associating with lunatic, radical, socialists and communists!

These kinds of attacks and shunning only come when you have no defense for what your side is doing. And, if meant to garner points, they lost mine!

Al can make puns, Ann can get mushy, Meredith can get over-competitive, and Kathy Lee and Hoda can review all the fart-filters they want while sipping alcohol in the early hours of the morning without me.

Oh, what's that?

Conservative media has fewer outlets but higher ratings? Mainstream media is falling behind? You mean, we trust the conservative media more?

Do tell.

When the President lies, and the media lie about the lies; well, there you go!

And, do the liberals think that conservatives can't hear, can't read, and/or can't think? We've read the bills!! We KNOW what they say! We've read what the Czars have written. We've read Michelle Obama's thesis! We would love to read the presidents IF there was anything besides his two books available for us to read! He will not let us learn about his college years, his early work, his qualifications (which are truly looking as those they don’t exist now), his birth, his passports, and other documents, which, if produced, would shut up 51% of America and put him back in favor with the majority of Americans!

So much for transparency!

For me, it means I can see right through him and his administration.

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