Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Will "Green" Cars Be Clean?


I understand the need to become independent of fossil fuels, as we do not have an unlimited supply. However, if there is a rush to drastically move to electrical cars and electrical alternatives before we are ready, aren't we going to pay some consequences?


I see three potentially serious problems:

1. Batteries have to be recharged often, and will pull a lot of power to do so. More often than not, that power will be generated by a coal burning plant. Coal is a much more polluting fuel than petroleum. As more and more petroleum cars are replaced by battery cars, or EVs, or hybrids, the worse the air quality will be, especially the sulfur pollutants and acid rain.

2. If Cap and Trade passes and our power bills double or triple as expected, will we be able to afford to charge these cars up 2 times a week, or 2-4 times a day on a long trip? Will we still need petroleum cars for those long trips?

3. The power grid in the USA is one of the most vulnerable parts of our national infrastructure; subject to destruction and attack. Even if outside forces leave it alone, it can't take overload. There's going to have to be some SERIOUS work done on the grid before we can physically support the onslaught of EVs. It will be like the overload on Twitter. Result? No service. But when Twitter goes down, I can find a lot of things to do. When I'm stranded somewhere trying to charge up my car, I won't be a happy camper!

Seems to me that we are so anxious to CHANGE, that no one thinks about the consequences of CHANGE anymore. I think we're all learning a HUGE lesson in CHANGE right now. Hope that lesson sticks!

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