Friday, July 24, 2009


Very, Very Clear

In an anger management class, we were taught to defuse a situation by saying, “I’m sorry you feel that way.” It sounds like an apology, so the one in our face backs off. It's easy to say because the one saying knows it is really not an apology for any action or words for which he/she was responsible. That is what we heard today from our president.

But, I’m more concerned about the comedic (but not so amusing) side of Obama that is emerging. He plays the cute and funny, cuddly and clever guy to avoid giving a straight answer. He NEVER answered the question the other night asking if his family and congress would utilize the same health insurance they were planning to force on us. Instead, he joked about how his doctor followed him everywhere. It got a chuckle. He tried to be cute by when he described and acted out how a doctor ponders a rates chart to decide on treatment for ‘your’ child, only to insult the entire medical profession. Then he made all the jokes about what would happen to him if he got locked out of the White House, only to jump into a tirade about bigotry in police departments across the USA. The laughter died rather quickly when he toted out that bag of crap and stepped right into it!

Then, again, today, he tried humor to cover the fact that he had not apologized, or at least, was not going to tell the press that he had. Instead he joked about the size of his lawn and having a beer with the good ole boys at the White House. For the first time, I think that he left poor Robert Gibbs in a very uncomfortable position, as everyone in the room knew he had only expressed regret over the RESULT of his comments, not over his own comments, true feelings and unveiled bigotry.

I’m sorry that hundreds of thousands of people bought into that glib, clever, cute oratory and never bothered to think about what the words meant. I am truly sorry about that.


  1. I don't know why you people have to gripe about everything the man does. Now he can't laugh???

  2. oboy did he step into it becuase he thinks he can take over every thing and we are gonna roll over

  3. I don't think Obama will every apologize for anything because he thinks WE owe him an apology for the entire history of the USA.