Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Smart Enough, Mr. President!


I also don't understand why Senator Obama voted against health care reforms in the past, but is wanting to push this plan through before it is even finalized, before he has even read what has been proposed! And, who are these people our President sited that had health insurance and couldn't get health care? I've never known of a soul with health insurance that didn't get treated.


He forgot to mention the letters he gets every day like this:

Dear Mr. President,

I’m not very intelligent. Hell, I’m too dumb for words. Too dumb to keep alive! Geeze! My neighbor’s German shepherd is smarter than me, and you think he deserves the space I take up. Your Tsars would rather keep the dog and kill my retarded baby!! I take up a lot of space, too. That’s ‘cause I love junk food. I want my transfats and sweet colas. I want to pick my own food, and my own truck and run my a/c as much as I want to keep my fat ass cool. I work at the gas station, so I pay my own bills. I get some exercise makin love to my wife and hiking while totin’ a gun to kill animals for steak and stew. And I drink a few cold beers while I cook that stew with my dumb buddies. For all you rich, educated, socialist, progressive folks out there who think I’m going to cost you too much money by getting fat and old and sick, let’s play tit for tat!

You want to tell me what doctor to see and what pills I can or can’t have and what temperature my thermostat can be set on and how new my truck has to be. What if I just came in your house every day and took your food and money like the Mexicans do to us? What if I moved 2 families in to live with you in your big house? What if I told your kids what school they could go to and how long they would have to volunteer in the slums before they could earn a salary? What if I were to tell you what kind of underwear you could have? What you want to do is just as personal!

Don’t worry. I won’t cost you too much money because I think I also have the right to ride my hog without a helmet and drive my truck without my seat belt. I may just contribute to the organ bank instead of becoming senile like most of you. Maybe I’ll even keep one of your kids alive! You never know. I do know, a few things, tho. I know you can’t tell folks how to live or what to buy or what to eat or how much exercise to get. Hell, do you think there’s anyone out here that doesn’t know if they are making unhealthy choices?? Do think we don’t know that smoking is bad? Do you think we don’t know hotdogs are made out of chicken butts and pig snouts? But, these are OUR CHOICES. You can’t legislate desires or values or morality or preferences.

You think I’m dumb and worthless …but I’m not that dumb. I know what liberty means. I know what the Constitution says. I know I love my pack of rug rats and I’m gonna work to become unnecessary to them. Oh, they’ll love me like I love my folks. But they won’t depend on me or on you for a life. That is, they won’t if you won’t treat them like babies and give them a government sugar-tit every time they turn around. So, I’ll just keep working to pay for the things that I want to choose for myself. If I get to the point that it’s too expensive, then I’ll either work more or choose less. Can’t get much better entertainment than rocking a baby in a cool evening breeze.

Thank you,
Mr. Common Man
Your Town, USA

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  1. Hey, how did you get a hold of my letter??!!! 8-) Good one!