Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I have become a Communicator!

I have always been a communicator. I've been accused of being a 'yapper.' I've been a teacher and have 'yapped' at thousands of young people for 30 years. But, now I'm a 'typer.' I twitter and FB and chat and IM and email and now I will try to blog. Of course, I think I have something of value to share, but then I also have to question this new era of global influence that I've already entered! Who cares what I have to say? Why do I peep into the lives of folks that I don't know?

I guess a good bit of this is ego. I can go to the World Wide Web and have the largest 'class' that I've ever taught! I always liked 'struting my stuff' in front of a class full of kids. I knew I was a good teacher. I loved seeing the light bulbs go on in the faces of my students. I loved to laugh with them. I loved to lead them. I loved to learn from them.

So, now I will try to teach again. I learn something new every day by being connected to the world. Maybe a post here will touch someone or teach someone.

I'll include lessons my parents taught me.

I'll include my thoughts on current events.

I'll include some fond memories.

I'll include some hopes and desires.

I'll go beyond the safe subjects of 'news, sports and weather,' but I'll hit some trivial fun topics, too.

Put me on your list. Check it out as I get this blog-thing going!!


  1. I'll be reading. :)



  2. Thanks for sending me to Braveheart women. Kewl