Sunday, July 26, 2009

Attention, Congress - Health Care Proposal


I am not sure what kind of reform is being proposed, as I've not read the 1000+ page document for health care. I'm not sure that there is a single version yet, or even a close runner! I'm not sure that the 500+ "pork pages" aren't going to be added just before the final vote, pork that could "persuade" some members to vote a certain way as the Democrats did in the House for Cap and Trade. I'm not sure how many times Pelosi will postpone a vote before she gets the results she wants.


However, I am clear on a few things.

1. SLOW DOWN! Every member of Congress, the Vice-President and the President should be required to read the entire bill. If the final bill is extremely long, the vote should be postponed until all have done so. Perhaps a signature on each page should be required. Perhaps 1 day of reading per every 5 pages of text should be required before any vote could be called. America should vote out of office all elected officials that do not do their job, which includes being better informed than news reporters and talk show hosts!

2. FIX WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE! The President said...and I quote..."the BIGGEST driving force behind our federal deficit is the SKYROCKETING cost of Medicare and Medicaid." If that is true, then the government has mismanaged its part of the health care system, and has no basis for asking us to trust them with more! So, after Medicare and Medicaid are running in the black, providing good services and requiring fewer mandates that shackle the health care providers and require untold numbers of employees just to handle the paper work, then move on to proposals for new policies.

3. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE! The 'graying of America' is upon you! The largest portion of your constituency is the baby boomer generation, and we are all about ready to take from the system that we have been paying into. We're about ready for you to keep the promises made to us. And, we were the ones leading the massive protests of the 70s! We still believe in the 'power of the people!' Respect your audience. Be our servants instead of our masters.

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