Thursday, October 15, 2009

Anita Dunn: Communist Witch Leading the Witch Hunt?


Anita Dunn and the White House have pledged to push back and stop news stories that are either inaccurate or unflattering. She has said that, “Fox News often operates almost as either the research arm or the communications arm of the Republican Party. And it is not ideological.” Furthermore, she said, “let's not pretend they're a news organization like CNN is."

Obviously, her stance ruffled some feathers. It is one thing to fight inaccuracies in the news, it is something altogether different to fight unflattering references. (The WASHINGTON POST ran a very flattering fluff piece on Ms. Dunn today, by the way, in the Style Section.)

She was also exposed by Glenn Beck today for a speech she made to high school students in which she praised her “two favorite political philosophers,” Mao Zedong (Tse-tung) and Mother Teresa. This statement raises serious questions!


First of all, why is she calling Mother Teresa a “political philosopher,” and why would she, a liberal, favor her? Mother Teresa was a humble servant of God who spoke against abortion, even for the poverty-stricken women to whom she dedicated her life in Calcutta.

Mao, on the other hand, was a political philosopher of the vilest nature. He founded the People’s Republic of China, but his process for doing so included genocide and starvation, the result of which was at least 48 million dead at his hand or because of his “philosophies.”

So, again, we have to ask, “Why?” Why does Obama constantly surround himself with people who admire the very people who would be our enemies? Why does he surround himself with Communist-loving and Marxist-thinking advisors that bring a radical Socialist agenda to the table for America?

Hopefully, with these revelations, we will soon sing, “Ding dong, the Witch is Dead!"


  1. Remember how we complained about Clinton bringing in all his Arkansas buddies? Boy, how we long for those days!!

    Truth is, and it's certainly no surprise to anyone on the right to hear me say it, the so-called "Democrats" (because we can no longer really call them mere Democrats) continues to get move further and further to the left. Look at who they've run for president in the last, IDK, 20 years: Clinton, Gore, Kerry, Obama. See the progression for worse? I have a sudden desire to call my friends comrade and my fingers are getting a red tint just from typing it! Frunny too how they can demonstrate the ever-present double standard, too. They call us neo-conservatives, right? I've even been called a neo-Nazi?!?! Where are such terms as neo-Commie? Neo-Socialist? Total double standard, but this is just little ol' me, speaking from the "Religious right" about the--is it fair to say--un-religious left?

    And I think Mother Teresa might have rolled over in her grave, god rest a great woman!

  2. Studies will show that you right wingers won't pay attention to information that doesn't match your current beliefs - however:
    Glenn Beck claiming in his book that he would place Adolf Hitler in his own cabinet:

    october 16th blog post below shows Conservatives who quote Mao:

    Glenn Beck speaks with a forked tongue. But, I know you won't approve this comment for your readers to look at, which is why I think you're doing the devil's work.
    -just my opinion

  3. I'll leave it up for others to read... and judge.