Monday, October 12, 2009

Stop the Presses! Stop Fox News!


I know what the First Amendment says, and I support it as one of the most precious, most reverent and most important dictate of our liberties and rights:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

What I don’t understand is why our current administration thumbs its nose at our First Amendment rights. The latest incident was the announcement by Anita Dunn, the interim White House Communications Director, who stated to CNN, to TIME magazine and to the NEW YORK TIMES, that Fox News is war-mongering against the President. Dunn denounced Fox News as "opinion journalism masquerading as news." Furthermore, she said that Fox, “often operates almost as either the research arm or the communications arm of the Republican Party." "We’re going to treat them the way we would treat an opponent.” “As they are undertaking a war against Barack Obama and the White House, we don’t need to pretend that this is the way that legitimate news organizations behave," she said.

This comes on the heels of three significant current events.

First, Saturday Night Live finally presented a skit that dared to criticize President Obama for doing “nothing!” Bear in mind that NBC is owned by GE who stands to make millions off of the Cap and Trade bill should it pass. GE was also a major contributor to Obama’s presidential campaign. This network has supported everything from the campaign to the White House dog choice to Michelle’s buff arms. The mainstream news, or “fringe news” as they have now become, have slobbered over, genuflected before and worshipped at the altar of THE ONE.

Second, Fox News has surpassed every other news station and news show in the national ratings. It is watched by liberals and conservatives, by people of all races and creeds, and is growing daily in popularity. During the day, the programs adhere to the slogan, “We report. You decide.” In the evening, however, Fox airs opinion shows that, like Sean Hannity, usually have a conservative slant. However, recently we witnessed Shepard Smith in a semi-rant supporting ObamaCare and Bill O’Reilly tends to stay somewhere near the middle as he loves to play the devil’s advocate. Glenn Beck brings us the “fusion of entertainment and enlightenment.” And, sprinkled throughout the day are guests and panels from every walk of life and every political leaning as on Hannity’s Great Star Team, Bret’s All American Panel, and intelligent people like Star Parker, Juan Williams, Michelle Malkin, Rev. Stephen Broden, credible judges and lawyers, a variety of Democrat and Republican Representatives and Senators, and former White House staff members from the past several administrations. They seem to gather everyone to share opinions except the President himself. He refuses. And, when the Fox anchors have exposed corruption in the administration, the President has remained silent and not even come to the defense of those that he selected and then allowed to go.

Now, if you want to discuss slanted news, please remember that ABC allowed the President to air an expensive and polished propaganda-like hour of an “infomercial” for ObamaCare, while denying the Republican Party the right to even air contradictory commercials. So, Ms. Dunn, no more accusations about another network being PRO-Republican, please!

The third event that lead up to this tirade against Fox news was that the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to President Obama. This left Democrats and Republicans; liberal and conservatives; independents and Libertarians; Christians and atheists; adults and children; pet owners and pets; in other words, EVERYONE in America; asking the same question: “For WHAT?” He has not supported troops in Afghanistan, he has not closed Gitmo, and he has not done anything on the international scene except deface America’s greatness in the same way that thugs deface monuments with their spray paint cans. Even the president admitted that he has done nothing to deserve this recognition. Since Obama had no answer, it would behoove the White House staff to do something to show his worth.

My father once taught me a great lesson. He told me that basically all people want to feel good about themselves and want to feel more important in some way than others. It is part of human nature to want to be special. He explained that there are two ways to achieve that goal. The difficult way is to work hard, get a good education, improve ourselves, and constantly try to achieve the high goals that we set. The other way is easy. You merely sit back, call other people names and slap them down so that you can pretend to tread on them and make believe that you tower above them.

The White House may be taking that second, low road. Larry Sabato, director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, said the White House may be lashing out at Fox "because the Democratic base is starting to be more critical of Obama.”

I’m reporting. You decide.

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  1. As you seem to be an avid FOX viewer, I assume that you saw the same broadcast tonight, but FOX put up numbers showing how they're beating their opponents in virtually every single demographic (even liberal numbers are high). That was either during, or just after, Sean Hannity, whose show was absolutely taken over by a liberal who, like most of his brethern, found it impossible to accept TRUTH. As a result of bets made on the air, I'm pretty sure he's out a few grand about right now. The truth is, that may very well be the criticism of FOX, number game aside: they speak unapologetic truth, which slays the liberal propoganda machine, stopping it in its tracks. After all, it's hard for them to keep up their White House worship services and their placating American voters when the truth is seen, heard, and danced around. They're just trying to shut that down. Isn't that what all good dictators do?

    And, lastly, I just re-published a piece on freedom of religion, and how it's misconstrued to fit a liberal agenda: