Friday, October 16, 2009

Letter from the DCCC: Democratic Corrupt Cronies and Crooks?


I’m not sure why the DCCC decided that their best way to raise campaign money was through attacking Glenn Beck, but that is what they did. I received the following letter (in green) from the DCCC.


I am well aware of my convictions and beliefs, and sent this reply to the DCCC.

Carol --

Glenn Beck.

Just writing those two words side by side sends a cold chill up my spine. He's the guy that's been riling up all those tea partying, town hall hollering, Obama birth certificate denying fools on the right-wing.

I happen to be a tea-partying, town-hall-attending, Obama-past-records of all kinds questioning citizen who exercises my First Amendment rights. I also happen to watch Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly. And I listen to Mark Levin, Neal Boortz and Rush Limbaugh. As much as I know the liberals would like for all American citizens to become their docile, obedient sheep, I am not. I do as Neal Boortz cautions us to do. I check out the stories I hear and see and find other points of view. I do as Glenn Beck advocates. I ask bold questions on Twitter and Facebook and my blog. I follow the White House, Obama, and most of the official democratic organizations on Twitter. I get official notices from such groups on Facebook. I am an intelligent, well-educated and wise American citizen who cared deeply for my liberties and the Constitution and who does not follow conservatives or liberals without great deliberation and consideration.

Last week I called him 'nuts' on television but I'm afraid all I did was give nuts a bad name.

Let’s take a close look at this man you call a “nut.” We don’t shout that Obama isn’t an American citizen, We just have to wonder why he doesn’t put up either a birth certificate or Passport or school scholarship records to shut this controversy down. If Van Jones wasn’t a Communist or a “truther,” why didn’t the President back his appointee and keep him on? If the “snitch” email to the White House hadn’t been unconstitutional and unethical, why was it removed? If the lesson plans from the US Department of Education wasn’t meant to indoctrinate, why were they changed? If Yosi Sergant wasn’t acting unethically to use NEA funds to solicit propaganda and/or campaign artwork, why was he removed from his position? If Mark Lloyd isn’t a radical, why does he praise Chavez? If Anita Dunn isn’t a radical, why does she praise Mao? If Kevin Jennings isn’t immoral, vile, and perverted why would he support pedophilia? If ACORN wasn’t a corrupt organization with questionable fiscal activity, why did the IRS, the Census Bureau and Congress disassociate from them so quickly? Glenn Beck isn’t nuts. Our president is CRAZY for thinking that we wouldn’t notice that the appointees to his shadow government that writes policy and circumvents the Constitution is trying to “nudge” us (ala Sunstein) towards socialism.

I wish I could repeat some of the other names that our great DCCC supporters had for Beck in those petitions you signed, but we have to keep these e-mails G-rated.

First, I didn’t sign your petitions. I merely subscribe to your services so that I can “know my enemy.” And, were the names your great DCCC supporters had for Beck anything like: “un-American,” “anti-American,” “swastika-wearing,” “racists,” “Astroturf,” “thugs,” or, to quote you, “tea partying, town hall hollering, Obama birth certificate denying fools on the right-wing?”

Obama himself was the first person during the time of his administration to play the “race card” when he wrongly accused Cambridge police for racial profiling. Nancy Pelosi was the first person during this administration to refer to Nazis when she falsely accused Americans who were exercising their rights by questioning their elected representatives of wearing swastikas. Not a single picture could be produced that day of a single attendee wearing a swastika or carrying a Hitler or Joker sign. After her comment, however, (and perhaps thanks to her suggestion) the signs and symbols were evident the next day. The SEIU were the “thugs” at these meetings that beat up un-armed, well-meaning, peacefully assembling citizens. Perhaps our President and Speaker of the House doesn’t believe that a truly grass-roots movement is possible, since they are so used to funding and orchestrating SEIU , ACORN, children in the crowd, and fake doctors in distributed lab coats to rally for their causes. Some people rally because they believe in right. Some people march because they believe in justice. Some people question with boldness because it is their DUTY as a citizen in a Republic where the government is “of the people.”

Thank God we have committed supporters like you who defend President Obama from the attacks by Glenn Beck and his crazy ilk. And since you have the President's back, I wanted to make sure you don't miss out on your chance to join President Obama for dinner later this month.

Thank God you have informed citizens in America, who read and listen and pay attention to what is going on in DC. We wish it was an easier task. We wish the President would actually keep at least ONE of his promises and give us a transparent government. Nancy Pelosi also vowed to conduct House business in an unprecedented, transparent way. But, not only is debate not on CSPAN, it is behind closed doors. Not only are bills not online for our perusal, but they are voted on before our Congressmen read them, before they are put into legislative language and before they can be adequately scored in their final form by the Congressional Budget Office. Not only did Pelosi push for a pre-mature vote on Cap and Trade, but she offered “pork” to those few she needed to change their votes, and they caved (we hope with a sense of severe shame). Not only have Congressmen admitted that they don’t have time to read the bills, but they voted against a recommendation to wait 72 hours for a vote so that they would have time!

Contribute $5, $10 or more today and you and a guest will be automatically entered for a chance to win dinner with President Obama in Miami, Florida on October 26. Your hotel, airfare, and tickets are all included.

I’ll pass on your generous offer to send you money and “gamble” on a chance to have dinner with the President. I need that $5 to help feed my family. Vegetables are increasing in price since you favor the environment over the people that live in it. Tax increases, the failed economy and supporting your ever-growing federal government with my money are making it more difficult to put food on my own table. I doubt that you are going to work very hard to fix that, even though a vast majority of our citizens believe that the economy, NOT healthcare, should be “job one” for the government. We know that you all hope to completely wreck the economy so that you can then take over and provide for us as a truly socialist society. We’ll fight that. We’ll “holler” louder than you can imagine.

With media cheerleaders like Glenn Beck egging on the Sarah Palin-Michele Bachmann crowd of wing-nuts in the GOP spreading bizarre conspiracy theories about government death panels, FEMA concentration camps and the like, we need your support more than ever.

Once again, you’re hypocrisy is showing. NEVER let us see another criticism of a Tea Party sign after all of the names you have hurled at us in this one letter. “Wing-nuts?” It was our President himself that told Jane Sturm that her aging mother wouldn’t deserve expensive medical treatment when she could be given a pill to keep her comfortable until she died. And, it is a well-known fact that with a simple executive order, martial law can be forced upon us and FEMA can be given the power to incarcerate citizens. Is that as abusive as sending poor people miles away from the University of Chicago Hospital’s emergency room to receive care in a small neighborhood clinic just because you don’t have insurance? Michelle Obama got rich doing this. (The President never mentions Dontae Adams when he gives personal stories about poor health care in America. Dontae had his lip bitten off by a pit bull and was given Tylenol, a Band-Aid, and instructions to go to another clinic ala Michelle Obama’s Health Care Initiative.)

President Obama and the Democratic Party are fighting for our future and the commitment of Democrats like you is the key ingredient to our success.

So, make a contribution of $5, $10 or more today. And, when you do, you and a guest will be automatically entered for a chance to win dinner with President Obama in Miami, Florida on October 26. Your hotel, airfare, and tickets are all included.

Your contribution will be put to work fighting for the change you and I voted for last November. Thank you for your generous support.

I didn’t vote for him then. I won’t vote for him in the future.


James Carville


  1. Re: "We just have to wonder why he doesn’t put up either a birth certificate or Passport or school scholarship records to shut this controversy down. "

    Obama has posted and shown the official birth certificate of Hawaii, and it is the only birth document that Hawaii currently sends out (

    the Wall Street Journal concluded: "Obama has already provided a legal birth certificate demonstrating that he was born in Hawaii. No one has produced any serious evidence to the contrary. Absent such evidence, it is unreasonable to deny that Obama has met the burden of proof. We know that he was born in Honolulu as surely as we know that Bill Clinton was born in Hope, Ark., or George W. Bush in New Haven, Conn."

    Re: "Passport or school scholarship records"

    No other president has shown these, and there is no law that says that a president or anyone has to show them. If Obama were forced to show his scholarship records, then the next president would be too. Obama has shown his birth certificate. No other president has.

  2. Wow. I really don't think I could've said it any better. I've been trying to tell my dad this for MONTHS. He hates Glenn Beck.

  3. Fascinating read about your President.

    Obviously Obama is an agent of a foreign power. Perhaps he became a deep cover agent from his childhood.
    Get into politics and be elected as the first mixed-race President of the USA.

    Pretty soon, he will be ensuring that the decisions of his true masters will be enacted.


    You should have ensured McCain got in as President, although I did here that he was born in Grenada? He is also one of the 30 Republicans who are pro-rape. Wonder how his daughter feels about that part.