Thursday, October 15, 2009

Helping Out, Bailing Out or Buying Off the Seniors?


Since the cost of living hasn’t gone up, there will be no increase in Social Security amounts for the nation’s senior citizens and disabled. The Obama administration is considering sending each of them a “stimulus” check for $250, at a cost to the nation of $13 billion.

I’m wondering if that $13 billion price tag to the nation is worth the benefits that $250 will glean. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not objecting to helping out people who have seen the benefits of a long life of work and contribution to the Social Security system disappear to past thieves in Congress. I’m just wondering if that little bit of money will really make a difference in the quality of their lives!

A quick search for goods and services showed me that $250 will buy or do ONE of the following:

2 suits at JC Penney

1 skirt, 1 pants, 1 shirt, and a boss belt at JCrew

1 month of groceries, IF you live alone without pets and don’t need laundry supplies

1 swivel bar stool

1 pound puppy and crate, but no vet care or Puppy Chow

1 well check up at the doctor. (Get this while we still have a good supply of them!)

1 one-way drive from Atlanta to Salt Lake City (w/o food or hotel)

50 trips across town if you live in Birmingham or a city of that size

Dinner for two at Per Se in NYC (cab fare and tip not included)

½ of a mortgage or rent payment

2 cartons of cigarettes

5 weeks of nightly toddies at home for 2

4 trips to the hairdresser

2 new tires for the car

1 airline ticket across country IF you don’t bring luggage or a coat

5 decent Christmas/birthday gifts (2 if you are buying for a teenager)

$13 interest if you put the money in a savings account


What it REALLY buys, or at least what the Democrats are hoping for, is votes in the upcoming election. They are hoping our seniors will remember the check and not be aware, yet, of the drastic cuts that will be coming in their Medicare.


  1. I believe this could best be called a sop, and while I agree with you that our seniors by and large can be benefited by it, heating fuel, electric bill, etc. It is not the governments money to give.

  2. Davy Crockett's speech is the one I look to for inspiration... not Mao or Chavez or Marx!! Thanks for the link to an amazing American Congressman.

  3. Kind of like gerrymandering, isn't it? Personally, I'm sick and tired of watching the Democrats take advantage of our elderly, time and time and time again. They promise them the world and then don't deliver/can't deliver. It's very, very, very sad on many, many, many levels. This is our greatest generation being used and abused, the very people who fought in the trenches of Europe and Asia and Africa and beyond, but for the liberal, it truly is all about the win.