Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mendacity, Audacity and Disdain

“The truest characters of ignorance are vanity, and pride and arrogance.” Samuel Butler

Arrogance is a double pity, because the talents of the arrogant serve primarily themselves when others could benefit. The arrogant will see no weakness in themselves and may secretly rejoice in the flaws they see in others. But imperfections are a part of being human, so the arrogant, like everyone else, always have feet of clay, however well hidden they may be. Fearing exposure, the arrogant don masks and adopt accusing rhetoric to hide their own insecurities, ignorance and emptiness. Rather than offering respect to all, arrogance demands respect from all.

Arrogance also angers others, who become the targets of the haughty. Instead of working hard to feel good about themselves and to rise above the crowd, the arrogant usually slam others down with lies, false accusations or by minimizing their worth. Then the arrogant have the audacity to bask in the glory of being “over” the ones upon which they tread.


What makes a person arrogant? Why do people who could, and do, make contributions to society take this low road? Who are the arrogant people around us that selfishly promote themselves?

Democrats for years glorified the murderer, Ted Kennedy.

Charlie Rangel and Tim Geithner, both in positions to make tax policy and law, have cheated on their own income tax returns.

Bill Clinton actually had the nerve to try to make America believe that oral sex wasn’t a “real” sex act. (Unfortunately, now the majority of teens in America have bought into that idea.)

Robert Gibbs lied to the press about the President attending a Bilderberg Meeting. (This is the super wealthy group that seeks a New World Order of redistributive wealth…except for theirs.)

Dan Rather knowingly used forged documents to bash George W. Bush’s National Guard record, then sued to get his job back.

ACORN, caught red-handed in fraud, blames the investigative reporters for entrapment. Of course, that didn’t keep them from firing the workers that had been “entrapped.” ACORN and the SEIU both forced banks into providing loans to people who could not afford to repay them, thus collapsing the housing market.

Congress, knowing Americans need jobs and a way to keep their homes, give money to those who contribute, increase debt and try to force expensive health care renovation instead of just making Medicare efficient.

And, even more outrageous and disrespectful to us and the Constitution, Max Baucus and his committee have sent the health care bill to the budget office in “conceptual language” instead of finishing the bill and including the “fine print.” Their transparency mirrors their leader’s.

Nancy Pelosi was the first to sling mud over town hall meetings and Tea Parties, and then cried over the anger that she created. The Bible verse that she always quotes for every occasion is one that she just made up! And with that, she ranks herself with the truly holy ones!

Barney Frank thumbed his nose at his constituent’s “ignorance” and “stupidity” by saying he was arguing with a dining room table!

Our lawmakers, wanting to have complete control OVER us instead of SERVING us, have refused to put bills online for our scrutiny and feel they are so intelligent and astute that they can vote without reading bills.

Katie Couric slammed Sarah Palin into the pavement with unbridled glee and satisfaction.

Kevin Jennings, after a lifetime of pushing for homosexual education in schools, has now changed his story about giving inappropriate sexual advice to a minor.

Mark Lloyd dared to look America in the face and announce that the First Amendment is overrated and he wants to shut down talk radio.

Van Jones smugly referred to Republicans as “assholes” and accused whites of purposefully contaminating blacks with toxic pollution and then explains that toxins in the air and water and go into every nook and cranny of the environment.

John Holdren believes he should have the right, as a superior being, to determine who should reproduce! His ideas include forcing single women to abort their babies, implanting sterilizing capsules in people when they reach puberty, and spiking water reserves and foods with contraceptives.

Cass Sunstein thinks that the masses are so ignorant that you can just nudge and nudge them into whatever life style you want them to have or into compliance with any policy that you want to pass. In order to “force” us to become vegetarians, he’ll just slowing increase the taxes on ranchers and the price of meat, until no one can afford to buy it.

David Letterman expects the world to accept his lecherous behavior; and many in his industry will support it just as Whoopie Goldberg supported Roman Polanski’s rape, but not rape-rape, of a minor child.

Susan Sarandon, in comparing Obama to Palin said in an overtly condescending manner, "Jesus Christ was a community organizer and Pontius Pilate was a governor."

Michelle Obama praised local farmers’ markets while supporting legislation that is turning thousands of acres of California’s San Joaquin Valley farmland into desert and forcing hundreds of farmers onto welfare rolls. Her disdain for the poor and her arrogance drove her to promote the Chicago Health Initiative that allowed the University of Chicago Hospital to treat only those with insurance, while forcing the poor to other clinics. Just recently, she lied before an international committee about “sitting in her father’s lap” while she watched Carl Lewis in the Olympics.
But, there is no one in the land who is more arrogant or more of an accomplished liar than Barrack Obama. He promised transparency while refusing to produce documents from his past and misleading us on every front. He lied to the international group of G20 leaders, claiming that his administration has done more for the environment than any other period in our history. He believes in his own superiority so much that he feels he must share his words and face with us almost every single day as he hogs TV time. He is disgusted with the racial comments about him and his administration, but HE was the one that first played the race card over racial profiling by the Cambridge police. His agenda included an attempt to have both school children and NEA artists praise him, not his office, through their work.

And, all the while, he blames every negative comment, every failure and every shortcoming on the conditions he “inherited.”

According to Obama, "The biggest problems that we're facing right now have to do with George Bush trying to bring more and more power into the executive branch and not go through Congress at all. And that's what I intend to reverse when I'm president of the United States." Yes, with your Czars and transparency, by bailing out your friends, and marching us towards socialism.


  1. So, Carol, please don't be so bashful ~ what do you really think? :-D.

    Keep up the good work ~ you have these guys pegged to a 'T'.

  2. If you read this post prior to this comment, I had written that Reid was arrogant in submitting an exemption from state taxes for Nevada. I found out that he did not initiate the exemption, although he agreed with it. It covered 4 states with the highest levels of poverty/unemployment. My apologies for getting this wrong.