Saturday, October 3, 2009

God OUT. Deviant Sex IN. Education for Our Children


Can anyone tell me just what is going on? Have we all lost our minds? Has everyone in a decision-making position lost their moral compasses?

A judge sets a child molester free. Coaches face trial for saying grace. Peter Singer writes that sex with animals is fine as long as you don’t harm the animal, and his two disciples, Cass Sunstein and John Holdren are now making policy as part of Obama’s “out-sourced” government. Our school safety Czar is a sexual deviant who wrote, “Screw you, God!” and gave very inappropriate advice to his own minor gay student. The Pledge of Allegiance isn’t required in public schools. The ever-despicable David Letterman calls a child a slut, confesses to sexual misconduct at work, and keeps his job. A beauty queen is asked for her opinion, gives it as requested to her gay interrogator, and has to give up her position after the sissy-fit that followed. Christmas carols are outlawed in public schools. Whoopie, a heretofore beloved actress, stands up for Polanski who raped, but didn't "rape rape", a thirteen year old. Children are taught how to put condoms on vegetables in the classroom. And now we find out that our young people are not only being asked to be tolerant of different life styles, they are seeing movies that illustrate deviant sexual techniques and glorify cross-dressing.


The US Department of Education has ruined our schools. The entire department is unconstitutional, as education was meant to be, and should still be, the business of the states. But, I digress.

I agree with SEX education in schools. I believe that young people need to understand changes that occur in their bodies as they mature. I agree that young people need to know how pregnancy occurs. I am in total agreement with teaching about contraceptives, STDs and safe behaviors. There are many FACTS that everyone in a modern society should know. But, in the famous words of Joe Friday: “Just the facts, ma’am.”

I still have a term paper I did in the 7th grade on the Endocrine System. My teacher removed the two pages with descriptions and drawings of the testes and ovaries before he exhibited it for family night, but I learned a lot about the FACTS of life when I did the research.

SEXUALITY, however, is a whole other issue. Frank and candid discussions about deviant lifestyles may be fine for college classes, but not for public secondary schools, and certainly not for public elementary schools. There are about 40 books for children covering those topics in my small, local public library. I encourage parents who want their children to know about sexuality to seek out some of these sources to use as guidelines, as many have been authored by child physicians and child psychologists. If you think your child should be exposed, if you think your child is ready to learn, then it is certainly good for you to teach them at home. However, I don’t want teachers with gay, transgendered, or pedophilic agendas teaching my children about their sexual preferences any more than I want a Catholic, Muslim or Baptist pushing their religious preferences.

Yes. We need to raise children who are accepting of differences. Yes. We need to teach our children not only to tolerate, but to embrace differences, so that another generation of hate-mongers will not be roaming our streets. It has always confused me why we innately see differences as bad or evil, when no two humans are ever alike! Our diversity and variety is a wonderful thing. Each person has some unique gift to offer to others. These kinds of lessons, without any reference to sex, sexuality, creed, race, or religion, are perfectly acceptable lessons for any child to hear from any adult.

But I want to select the zucchini for my child’s show and tell.


  1. Private school is worth every cent we pay. I just pray that the economic situation won't get so bad that we can no longer afford tuition. If it does, we will home school rather than have our child subjected to these liberal, progressive policies. I pray for families that can't escape this evil.

  2. It all does seem like we live in the Twilight Zone. I think many people, including myself had, many still have, no idea of the corruption/evil that is deliberately being waged at our way of life, our Constitution, our children, well for me my Niece and Nephews.

    I just noticed the above comment used the word evil as well, it fits for what we are fighting. It's not just the schools that are indoctrinating kids, it's also all these TV shows and cartoons. I could ramble on about it but I'm sure you see it also.

    I enjoy your writing, it's clear and to the point.

  3. I would highly recommend anyone wishing to see what we're really up against as a pseudo-Christian society to read, This Present Darkness and Piercing The Darkness... two INCREDIBLE novels about the spiritual/physical warfare being waged against common decent Americans. They were written by Frank Peretti and if anyone wants a copy, email me @