Thursday, October 15, 2009

Volunteers "Forced" into Service?


Most of the major networks are planning a barrage of advertising and show content during the third full week in October to push for one of President Obama’s community organizing schemes, public service. I know there is nothing inherently wrong with public service and volunteerism. However, I know the protests over this will be about the same, if not worse, than Obama’s plan to speak to the nation’s school children. You will either hear about or be a part of yet another national outcry. Why would there be any objection to volunteer work to help others? Why would anyone object to television commercials that encourage that?


There is a myriad of “reasons,” most of which liberals will just scream are “excuses,” and most of them have nothing to do with public service.

First, it’s the idea of control. This White House is getting too intrusive into the daily lives of Americans. The Czars and advisors, especially those environmentalists who seem to hate the fact that the earth is populated with humans, want to force us into electric cars (that need burning coal to recharge), give up farmland in favor of bait fish (farmland that could support wind or solar farms instead of people and vegetables), and even take away our plush toilet paper and force more expensive, more energy-consumptive, rough and non-absorptive paper to chap our buns to save the old growth trees (in a country with more trees than we had 100 years ago).

Second, there is the idea of indoctrination. On the heels of hearing school children singing the praises of Barrack Hussein Obama instead of America (a trend that surfaces in almost every speech that the President himself gives, particularly before foreign audiences), people will be further enraged. On the heels of watching Aston Kutcher and Demi Moore “pledge allegiance” to Obama and the tatted thug-looking Chili Pepper kiss himself in praise of Obama, people will resist. The “school house stand” of conservatives was not about a speech, it was about the message that their children would be asked to praise the MAN in the same way that the National Endowments of the Arts, using tax money, has been recruiting artists to glorify the MAN. Not the office. Not the country. The MAN.

Third, there is the idea of unholy betrayal. There was the disappointment that the President did not honor the National Day of Prayer, but did honor the Red Chinese anniversary and hosted Muslim prayer in our nation’s capital. There was the dismay that the President painted a house on 9-11, a day when the names of the dead were being called out and honored in prayer, while he has embraced the sworn enemies that were supportive of that very holocaust. There is the criticism that he sat for years to listen to a minister preach, “God Damn America,” and then appointed a pedophilic School Safety Czar who said, “F—K God!”

Fourth, there is the idea that our administration does not honor the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. The White House acts to stomp out the First Amendment. They tried to stop e-mailers and bloggers with their “snitch” and “flag” mail. They tried to commandeer the computers of people logging onto “clunker” sites. They are collecting data on everyone who taps into any social network connected to the White House, including those that exercise their right to write to the President of the United States. They have threatened to eliminate conservative talk radio and are now beginning a witch hunt to quiet and denigrate Fox News because that station calls them out on almost every issue that has been listed on this page.

And last, there is the idea that Obama’s “fundamental change for America” equates to producing a socialist nation that will adopt a declaration of “dependence.” We know now that he ran for office with the intent and purpose of destroying our liberties to provide us with the security of a “nanny nation” that can “better” make decisions for us. We know now of how corrupt several of the community organizing groups with which he worked were, which is why very few trusted that the Olympics in Chicago wouldn’t become but another slush fund for the elite. We know now that they want to redistribute the wealth by letting the powerful make every decision over what resources we will have any access to as they control all of the purse strings. We know now how all too many of the people around our President, put there at his request, are Communists, Marxists, Socialists and radicals with beliefs that border on zoophilia, eugenics, euthanasia, and social engineering.

Yes, there will be an outcry over network programming next week. There will be a boycott. But, it won’t be about volunteer service. These people are already involved in Boys and Girl Scouts. They are already teaching Sunday School classes and helping with Vacation Bible School. They are already pitching in at senior centers, driving for Meals on Wheels or serving mission meals , contributing to charities, and lending a hand to neighbors. They are already building habitats for humanity, planting and maintaining inner-city gardens and green spaces, and guiding tours in museums, parks and public landmarks. They are already collecting in their neighborhoods for The March of Dimes, opening their homes to people and animals in need of care, cleaning their adopted mile of highway or waterway and contributing their time and talents to enrich the lives of others. These are the people who don’t need to be, or want to be, indoctrinated into doing or believing anything other than goodness and mercy, freedom and liberty. And they will unite when they think their beliefs are in jeopardy.

If you don’t see this next week, you’ll see it next November.

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