Friday, September 25, 2009

The Bloom is Off the Rose


I know I am not alone in my bitter disappointment and disgust over our president's weakness. I heard him referred to today as an "eternal adolescent" and I had to nod in agreement. Did we make him that way? Did the millions of dollars spent to glorify him during the campaign and the fringe media's idol worship make him believe that he could do no wrong?


Well, the bloom is off the rose. The petals have all hit the ground. Only the thorns remain.

But the thorns are dangerous. They can hurt us. Our defenses are weakened as our president and his radical appointees seek to take the CIA down. After being snubbed and denigrated publicly, our allies will think twice before coming to our aid. And the true evil-doers of the world praised his holy name in the same manner as our little indoctrinated school children. (Now, America, do you understand the hoopla over the first day of school speech?) Our own military, with their boots on the ground and their lives in peril every day, cannot rely on support. Their Commander-in-Chief has no experience in military affairs, and turns a deaf ear to those heroes who do.

I lived through the "Gates-gate" when he played the race card. I've put up with trying to find a channel on tv without his speech being aired. I've been angered, but just keep trying to rid our capitol of his shadow government that seeks to circumvent the Constitution. But, I will not sit still while he puts our nation and our armed services in jeopardy as he seeks to sell us out in favor of a socialist New World Order.

This must all stop!

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