Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Obama's Fall From Grace


There has been a lot of conjecture about why President Obama’s approval ratings continue to fall. Some say the public is simply super-saturated from his media blitzes and has quit listening to the “same old same old” daily campaign sound bites. Some, like Jimmy Carter and Maureen Dowd, attribute it to innate racism. Chris Wallace even said that it’s because the administration is made up of a bunch of “cry babies.”


Obama’s fall from grace is actually quite easy to understand. Proverbs gives us a list of things that the Lord hates, but the public hates them, too. It is not my intention to preach, but the list is a good guide for going through Obama’s mistakes.

Haughty eyes
Obama covers his feelings of superiority, or tries to, with twinkling eyes and hollow humor. He plays the cute and funny, cuddly and clever guy to avoid giving a straight answer. When asked if he would subscribe to the public option for his own health care, he answered with, “I’m the President,” and then regaled all with remarks about how his personal doctor follows him around. When asked if he had apologized to Office Crowley, he laughed about inviting him for a beer. He’s insulted doctors with stories of malpractice for money, dismissed Republicans who questioned the size of the stimulus package with his arrogant, “I won,” statement, said he didn’t want to listen to his opposition and even insulted George Stephanopoulos over the definition of a “tax.”

A lying tongue
How do we know when Obama is lying?
When his lips are moving.

It’s an old joke, but it seems to be true. He lies and purposefully misleads and intentionally misrepresents something every day. In the single speech before the joint sessions of Congress (made famous by Rep. Wilson’s “You lie” outburst), he lied about illegal immigrants having coverage, about the Republicans’ efforts to have input, about his commitment to “choice and competition,” and about public funding for abortions. He even stood before the UN to claim that more has been done to reduce carbons during his administration than ever before! The one statement that we all pray will not turn out to be a lie was his promise not to sign any bill if it costs us over a dime.

Hands that shed innocent blood
This one can be “hung” on the President as a known supporter of abortions and as our Commander-in-Chief. He has weakened our national security in too many ways to enumerate. He’s allowing a political witch hunt against the CIA, has traveled the world to cow-tow to evil leaders and apologize for the strength and dominance of the greatest country in the world (the one Michelle Obama spent the first 44 years of her life being ashamed of), and betrayed Poland and the Czech Republic. While he has been busy out-sourcing his duties to Congress and his Czars, he has actively put us all in harm’s way.

A heart that devises wicked plots
Our president favors abortion and purposefully will not allow a statement to prevent it in health care legislation. He assigned a known Communist to his fleet of socialist Czars. He used a corrupt organization to help him get elected and accepted illegal donations from them. He refuses still to allow access to the documents and records from his past. He claims “transparency” while he completely circumvents the checks and balances on the executive branch of our government. He seeks to control every aspect of our lives through socialized medicine, rather than addressing the most important issue of all, unemployment. He should be working to help small businesses put American’s back to work.

Feet that are swift to run into mischief
Did his feet even hit the floor before he signed us up for the largest national debt in the world? Did he hesitate at all to bail out company after company? Did he have any plan in mind before he signed away Gitmo? Did he think that we were too stupid or lazy to care that he had flag.gov set up without any discussion? Did anyone take time to think about the backlash from the clunkers idea, such as waste and further unemployment of used car salesmen and scrap metal yards? We’ve stood at town halls and on the mall before his steamroller, and now his spiteful, selfish nature is beginning to show.

Him that soweth discord among brethren
And what is the source of the discord? Is it because of “right-winged terrorists” or “anti-American” “swastika-wearing” “astroturfs?” No, it’s because of the rising debt, rising unemployment, huge governmental power grabs, despicable appointees, playing the race card himself with the Gates-gate incident, and the incessant word “spinning” to cover his lies. No more “war on terror.” Let’s hope there’s no more terror! When health care reform hit a brick wall, he suddenly vilified insurers and began speaking of health care “insurance” reform. Because he is being “called out” on the Internet by thousands and thousands of blogs, he wants to take that freedom away. And, he still continues to blame it all on Bush. HE is the source of the anger. HE is the reason for the discord.

So, how does Obama get back in the good graces of the public? If it’s possible at all, he will have to address the following:
• Reduce the size of the federal government.
• Balance the federal budget.
• Rid budgets and policies of earmarks and special interests.
• Honor the Constitution.


  1. Nicely put together. I shudder to think of where we would be right now if the nutroots and Fox had not helped shore up the opposition. I think it's taken the Democrats and liberals by complete surprise, and they are in a deep state of shock.

  2. RU calling him a sinner? Judge not....