Saturday, September 26, 2009

Glenn Beck: Murderer of Frogs and Corruption


Everyone in the United States must know who Glenn Beck is now. He’s been crucified and vilified for the 9-12 Project to get people back to believing in American values and principles, for saying that he thought Obama may be a racist, and, last week, for the murder of a rubber frog. Yes, it was rubber. Yes, it was a prank. Yes, they showed it was a prank on the show.


What I don’t understand is why all the hoopla over Glenn Beck to begin with? Unlike The One, Beck has never been glorified or worshipped or idolized. He does, however, unify. Maybe this is why he is hated. To unify was the one trait that Obama exhibited above all others when he was campaigning, but as promise after promise after promise has been broken, voters’ remorse is taking its toll on his congregation or worshippers. They are leaving the temple of “mmm mmm mmm mmm Barrack Hussein Obama” and turning to Fox News and Glenn Beck.

But, people who only watch Glenn Beck on television have no idea just how brilliant this man is. If you listen to his radio program and read his books, you will realize that, first, he is a brilliant entertainer, and, second, he and his staff are master researchers. For a few minutes a day, the GB audience watches video clips that take hours and hours to find and edit and transcribe. He runs through the past relationships of radicals in 10-20 minutes of his air time a day, but he and his staff have had to dig for hours and days and weeks through old and new, but always obscure, records.

He put out a call for “watchdogs” to stay aware and vigilant, and as a result of the callers, tweeters, researchers, staff, and his own diligence, he has been able to publically expose more corruption and have a bigger impact on US politics than Upton Sinclair when he penned, “The Jungle” or Rachel Carson with her “Silent Spring.”

He’s caused the public and Congress to question the shady manipulations and power grab of Obama’s shadow government of Czars. He has helped the courageous “watchdogs” Hannah Giles, James O’Keefe and Andrew Breitbart expose the illegal activities of ACORN to the point that all other governmental agencies are running from this group that Obama worked so closely with for years, but “just hasn’t paid attention to” lately. He’s exposed attempts at organized propaganda by the National Endowment of the Arts and the White House’s attempts to collect names, form enemy lists and hijack our personal computers. And he is currently exposing Obama for the network of socialists, communists and progressives are attempting to hijack our government. With all the lies that Obama tells and the ease of catching him in them, Beck’s staff is finding it easier and easier to pinpoint examples of corruption that we need to see.

He could never do this, however if he were not also a master teacher. I've said for years (since I'm a teacher, too) that all a good teacher needs is chalk and a blackboard and the ability to share with words and graphics what is inside his or her mind. That's the hard part. As a science teacher who understood ionic bonding, I had to find a way to transfer my understanding to 32 other brains per hour. He has to do it to millions of brains a day! But he does, even if he must murder a rubber frog along the way.

Beck also has a wonderful sense of humor. I think I witness it more by listening to his radio show where he interacts more with staff than on his Fox News show, but you can see it loud and clear on his latest book cover and in some of the crazy skits he's done in the past. The radio show admits up front that he is a blend of "entertainment and enlightenment." Although I know he infuriates those that he calls out, he is totally entertaining.

And, because I don't know if he is merely entertaining or being frank and candid, I don't really know how sincere his tears are or how real his fears are. I do believe, however, that he is UN-partisan and hell-bent on fighting corruption in government wherever it exists. And I thank him for that.

I fear he will lose his humility, though. It's hard to be famous and humble. President Obama is a prime example of that. Just this week, on an international stage, our President constantly touted his own accomplishments with lies and exaggerations as the world’s worst evil-doers praised him. If Beck doesn’t maintain his humility, I think it will be his personal downfall. Some newsman’s comment about great athletes who go bad has stuck with me for years. The anchor stated that "obscene salaries create obscene people." I don’t want Glenn Beck to become obscene. I want him to stay fresh, stay dedicated, stay humble, and stay in need of his watchdogs. We want to be his watchdogs. We want to be needed. We love helping to put our Republic back on a noble course.

At least, I do.


  1. I agree with all you have said, Carol, and you have said it well. I don't worry too much about Glenn maintaining his humility. He keeps reminding us that he is a baker's son who likes cookie dough, and that all he is doing is asking questions. He has faced his demons before, and I think that will serve him well in staying humble.

  2. Glenn Beck can be a little over the top some times but by and large he remains the only voice consistently calling for America to pay attention to government and understand what government is and what it should be. I think PaulineRevere is right on the money.

  3. Well said! I really appreciate his serious side and you said it, he helps us keep our eyes on our Government! Thank God for him and his watchdogs and all those that do the hard work to help us know the truth!

  4. He called a man a racist with no proof. Do you guys not get that is a ratings machine? He owns the radical wingnut ratings that were mobilized once a non white man won the office. He's truly unamerican.

  5. Of course it's ratings... which is why he says upfront that he's a blend of "entertainment and enlightenment." This is why Archie Bunker was number 1 for 5 years!! Hello!! And, while we're at it, Nancy Pelosi called us "unAmerican" with not proof!