Thursday, September 17, 2009

Obama's CHANGE: No HOPE for Farmers


How did Cass Sunstein ever get approved for any position in this country? He is the most radical intellectual that has ever wielded any power over policy or monies in the United States. He believes that a smart dog is more valuable than an infant or elderly human. He is against the 2nd Amendment and wants rigid gun control. He wants to force people into becoming vegetarians by establishing policies that will make a pound of ground round unaffordable. This is his “nudge” policy. Slowly pass unnoticed legislation that can be expanded, until the people have no power, and no money, left. Our Senators were warned. Why didn’t they listen?


Now farmers in the Sacramento area and the San Joaquin valley in California are facing a dust bowl equivalent to that of the 1930s Great Plains. Water has been turned off to farmers to supposedly protect an endangered minnow-like fish called the Delta Smelt. The loss of the smelt has affected the fishing industry in the northern Pacific waters, but it is also suspected that the land of the San Joaquin Valley is wanted by the government for solar and wind farms. Meanwhile, thousands and thousands of acres of prime farm land is blowing in the wind and thousands of farmers and agricultural workers are lining up for food at food banks. Food from China. Foods marketed without the oversight of the FDA. We will all pay for the food shortage. We have already seen recall after recall of Chinese products for our infants and children. Do you really want to eat Chinese food? Are you willing to pay double for food, when you may already be asked to pay triple for energy if the Cap and Trade bill passes?

The boot is on our throats.

And, suppose the Delta Smelt does go extinct. That would be a natural occurrence for the earth. Let’s look at this time-line of extinctions and man:

Ordovician-Silurian extinction - 439 million years ago - 25 percent of marine families and 60 percent of marine genera.

Late Devonian extinction - 364 million years ago - 22 percent of marine families and 57 percent of marine genera.

Permian-Triassic extinction - 251 million years ago - 95 percent of all species.

End Triassic extinction - 199 million to 214 million years ago - 22 percent of marine families, 52 percent of marine genera.

Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction - 65 million years ago - 16 percent of marine families, 47 percent of marine genera, 18 percent of land vertebrate families, including the dinosaurs.

Homo sapiens arrival – 90,000 years ago.

The founding of the United States of America – 230+ years ago.

Scientists have documented the disappearance of only 1,100 species over the past 500 years. New species have constantly arisen over these millions of years to fill niches left unoccupied. Clearly, the action of man is nowhere near as detrimental to species as the forces of nature, forces that we cannot control. If we could, there would have been no eruption of Mt. St. Helens, no hurricane Katrina, no wildfires in California and no earthquakes in San Francisco or the New Madrid area in Kentucky.

Extinctions are natural; therefore a true environmentalist would not interfere with these extinctions. What we have, however, are environmentalists who think that they DO have power over nature. In times of wealth (prior to our bankruptcy by all manner of intrusive federal programs), we could afford to let a bird live and pick an insecticide other than DDT. We had capitalism and free enterprise and our chemical companies have given us 1000s of choices of approved chemicals TO HELP US GROW FOOD. (The United States continued to produce DDT after its use was banned here, as the poor nations that favored healthy children over dead birds relied on the DDT that we exported for profits.)

Now, we are facing those same decisions. Although our nation spends a lot of money, we are no longer a wealthy nation. Do we favor healthy children or a thriving population of fish? Do we favor healthy people or a thriving population of insects? Are we going to support starvation and poverty or endangered mollusks? Can our government look at families in line at food banks and not feel extreme shame?

Congress, turn off your lights when you leave a room, drive the speed limit, get a push mower for your lawn and TURN ON THE WATER for our farmers!!

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  1. RU a conservationist? I saw in anohter post that you were an ecology teacher, but you have a taught me something new. I thought humans caused most animals to die out.