Sunday, September 6, 2009

Communist Van Jones Resigns


I can’t even imagine why anyone in America would be upset to see a communist leave the shadow government of President Obama. The majority of Americans grew up with the communist threat. We remember when JFK issued the ultimatum to the ships carrying missiles to Cuba to turn back. We remember Khrushchev banging his shoe on the podium. We remember the Cold War. Do the generations behind us have no understanding of a philosophy of government that wants total control over every aspect of society? Charles Krauthammer suggested that being a communist today was outmoded. But is communist China slowly buying up our country? Is communism still a threat?


I am very glad that at least one communist was ousted from the shadow government that President Obama seems to favor over any Senate-confirmed Cabinet. Pundits and critics are claiming that it was the result of a witch hunt. Van Jones declared it was the fault of a smear campaign. It was neither. It was the fault of Van Jones.

Glenn Beck led the way. Of that, there is no dispute. Being a patriot is a difficult task. This is a strategy that requires tremendous courage, self-control, as well as a willingness to endure personal threats and verbal or written attacks on one’s character. It is a path that could put one’s family in jeopardy. It is the higher path that is least travelled. It is an honorable endeavor to stand tall for your rights and liberties.

But, Mr. Beck did not accuse Van Jones of any wrong doing. He did not call Van Jones any names. He did not label Van Jones with any disparaging tags. He simply showed Van Jones doing it all to himself.

Van Jones signed the charge against Bush for the 9-11 attacks. Van Jones called conservatives a-holes. Van Jones called himself a communist. Van Jones tied the knot and slipped the noose around his own neck, all on videotape.

Obama knew the background of this man, as he knew the extremist, criminal background of Ayers and bought into the racist teachings of Rev. Wright. Jones was recruited and supported by Pelosi and Jarrett and others because they all shared the same idea about how America should be “fundamentally changed.”

The administration, however, hit an unexpected wall. It was a wall longer than the Great Wall of China. It was a wall thicker than the Berlin Wall. It was a wall of “un-American”, “mobster”, “swastika wearing”, and “right wing terrorist” patriots.

One Czar down. Thirty plus to go.


  1. Are you taking credit for something? you smear an intelligent person and bring on the heat, but you loose when the world realized how crazy and dumb all the RW are!

  2. go back under your rock. UR busted!