Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Not One Red Cent, Mr. President


What do we do when we are out of money? We stop spending. We get a second job. We do without. So, why doesn't our government show such fiscal responsibility?


Join me in asking the President to do the following:

1) Give us a balanced budget.

2) "Squeeze" that waste from Medicare TODAY! Don't wait on a new bill.

3) Do your "line by line" search for pork and special interests, and eliminate it all.

4) Get rid of all posts in your administration that are not elected, vetted and/or confirmed OR do not allow a penny to spent on them. You may still ask for input, just not with my pennies!

5) Reduce the First Lady's staff by at least half. There are too many people being paid too much for doing too little.

6) Ditch the Cap and Trade bill, as it will break our backs and there is NO CONCLUSIVE SCIENCE to justify it.

7) Establish a moratorium on all new offices, agencies, and position in the federal government until the deficit is reduced.

8) Leave health care where it is (except for correcting the part of it that the federal government has screwed up - Medicare) until we can afford it.

9) Stop rescuing large corporations and stimulate small businesses to generate jobs.

10) Turn the water in the San Joaquin valley. We need the food. They need the jobs.

NOT ONE RED CENT, MR. PRESIDENT! No spending until you keep your promises to us and get this horrendous burden off of our children and grandchildren.

(I'll cut you some slack. If the CBO says that some health care plan will only cost a dime, you may have 10 red cents and sign it. It was your promise, after all!)

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