Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fax Your American Voice!


I’ve been asking for some time now, why members of Congress won’t just give out an email address along with their snail mail address and phone numbers to local and DC offices. For those of you who communicate with your elected officials, you already know that it is either going to be expensive or time consuming. There are 535 members of Congress, nine Supreme Court justices, cabinet members, the Vice President, and the President. To write to all of them requires a great deal of postage or long distance charges, membership in a blast fax or blast email program, or hours and hours to visit the web site of each where you must fill in your personal information and enter security symbols before the message can be sent. Even if you use the auto-fill function of your computer or browser, it takes a long time. Some members will not let you send email unless your zip code shows that you are their constituent. It can be maddening! But it must be done.


I’m thrilled! There is an easy, cheap way to do it now! In less than 30 minutes, you can send a fax to all 500+ elected or appointed officials!

The service is from American Voice ( This service also provides:
• Templates for one click faxes on the top legislative concerns.
• Information about each person in the executive, legislative and judicial branch, including photographs.
• An excellent tutorial on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
• A forum to discuss topics with other members.
• A list of currently proposed legislation including the name of the bill and a brief description.
• The voting record of Congress.
• A history of all faxes that you send on your free membership page.
• An opportunity to contribute. (I recommend that, if you use this service a lot, you help keep it running!)

Try it! I know you’ll like it! And, now that it’s easy, what will be your excuse for not taking an active role in the fate of your country?

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  1. just sent 100 faxes to offset your feeble half ass ones